SiaPrime offers Decentralized Storage Based on the Sia Core Protocol. SiaPrime designs, develops and sells middleware solutions for decentralized cloud storage. Built for a future where individuals, organizations and companies around the globe abandon centralized providers and take control of their valuable private data. SiaPrime embraces and extends the Sia core protocol through development of applications and interfaces allowing customers to purchase storage on the network. Their storage product suite brings decentralized cloud storage to SMBs, enterprise, organizations and individuals.

What does this mean exactly?

Simply put, SiaPrime’s mission is to help people and businesses protect their data from hackers, cyber attacks, server breaches and the multitude of other ways people have been able to steal data.  Remember when those celebrity photos leaked? or Hollywood scripts were being held ransom (HBO’s Game of Thrones anyone?), or the recent Equifax identity breach where roughly 150 million people had their personal data exposed to criminals? These and many other scenarios are what SiaPrime is trying to help put an end to once and for all. If you are hosting your personal data on the cloud, whether Amazon AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox, or some other form of storage, your data is not protected.

So you ask, how is SiaPrime different then?

Imagine you rip up an important document into 50 small pieces of paper to store in 50 safes around the world for extra protection. Well using the magic of technology, SiaPrime splits your data into pieces of encrypted meta data and stores it on a network of hosts. Those hosts are just regular people like you who have computers and extra space on their external hard drives. And since they only have a small piece of your data, they have no idea what it is, and if their computer is compromised, well the hacker will only have a small piece of a large puzzle, which is worthless to them. This means your data is 100% safe!

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